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It all started with the planting of strawberries in the north of Paraná, more precisely in the city of Pinhalão, the city that started our history...

more precisely in the city of Pinhalão, the city that started our history…

The patriarchs of the family began to plant and market the fruits in natura through buyers from other cities who came to do business.

Subsequently, the opportunity arose to make these sales at CEASA in Londrina and shortly thereafter, the fresh fruit was being sold in other cities in the country.

With the advancement of sales and a considerable increase in plantations, the idea of ​​opening a commercial point arose, where these strawberries and other producers could gather, to facilitate marketing. (Baum fruits)

With the great movement of producers from all over the region in the area, and verifying the lack of specialized stores in the region, the commercialization of agricultural inputs began to serve this public that was just beginning. (Agro Baum)

With the sales of fruits and the sale of inputs increasing considerably each year, in early 2019 we started selling frozen fruits (Baum Fruit), to serve a new consumer!

People who seek quality and practicality when tasting the tasty flavor of the fruit, whether in the form of juices, cake fillings, ice cream or jellies.


Offer frozen fruits and pulps and fruit juices with high quality standards for people who value taste, practicality and a healthy diet.


To be a reference in the segment with continuous and sustainable growth, reaching the entire national territory by 2028 and seeking to operate in the international market by 2036, in an ethical and sustainable manner.


Differentiated customer service;

Excellence in quality;






Valuing the human being.

The Alimentos do Paraná seal is the recognition of quality in business management and production processes. Paraná companies that officially earn this recognition follow health legislation and have as premises the safety and quality of food, that is, respect for you as a consumer.

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