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Our frozen fruits are 100% natural and are ready for consumption.

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Frozen Fruits


Healthy and tasty food.
Bring practicality to your day to day.

There are no limits to the use of
our fruits 100% natural!

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Natural juices, fillings and flavors of cakes and sweets, jams, vitamins.

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With the increase in environmental problems generated by disorderly growth in recent decades, consumers have become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment. More and more consumers are looking for products and services from sustainable companies, and Baum Fruit is no different. We always look for partners who also have this differential, thus generating more quality of life.

Aligned with the company’s mission, vision and values ​​and concerned with the basic needs to maintain life on the planet, we installed solar panels in our pavilions. Solar energy is a clean way because it does not produce polluting residues and greenhouse gases, thus minimizing environmental impacts to ensure the quality of life for the next generations. In addition to respecting the environment, corporate sustainability has the ability to positively change the production process.

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